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DV369 Living Infrastructure in Residential Zones


Draft Variation 369 proposes changes to make sure standards for soft landscaping area in all residential areas (RZ1 to RZ5) are met.  The draft variation seeks to achieve 30% tree canopy cover (or equivalent) and 30% permeable surfaces in urban areas by 2045. The draft variation makes changes related to site coverage and planting area requirements on private land in all residential zones (RZ1 to RZ5).

The Minister confirmed this week that the Variation is expected to commence on 1 July 2022.

This Variation will have a significant impact on the design and delivery of new single homes and units, which will impact both industry and recent land purchasers.

Many members will have joined recent ACT Government information sessions. In those sessions a number of key concerns were raised including:

  • How will the Variation impact home designs on blocks already approved and sold?
  • What transition arrangements will be implemented?
  • What level of tree planting is required prior to the final building inspection, and how will compliance with the proposed Variation impact the issue of a Certificate of Occupancy?
  • How will the Variation impact land affordability?

For those members interested in this Variation you can register to attend an information session using this link. 

For all members, the MBA will be working with other industry associations to advocate strongly on behalf of our industry. Our strong view is that this Variation should not be rushed through without a detailed understanding and analysis of the impacts of the Variation.

Further information about DV369 is available here.