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Cyber Safety with Omni IT: Password Management


Cyber Safety: Password Management

Theft: We hear of people getting hacked – their email account is compromised, or incorrect bank details are used and money does not go where it should – I am sure that you have heard the same thing happening to someone you know, or it has happened to you.

Security – has long been our focus for our clients. Our goal is to secure you on-line, to make it easy and inexpensive, so that security works for you and is not a burden – after-all, life is meant to be easy.

Passwords: We all use passwords to protect our data. Best practice says that every application that you use should have a different password to access it. We recommend that you have a password manager to store all your passwords – that way you only have one password to remember, that being the one for your password manager.

Let’s make this one password – the one for your password manager, safer – it needs to be complex.

What is a complex password? Complex passwords should be a random set of letters (upper case and lower case), numbers and symbols. The more random, and the longer, the better – 15+ is a good place to start.

“How am I going to remember a complex password?”

Solution: Make your password from a pass phrase. Create a pass phrase e.g. “How To Make Passwords Very Hard To Guess During These Times Of Nasty Hackers” and choose one letter from each of the words to get HTMPVHTGDTTONH – add a few numbers and symbols to make it even harder and you are set.


  1. Use a password manager to store all your passwords.
  2. Use the pass phrase technique to have just one complex password for your password manager – this makes it easier for you to remember your password and makes it safe and more secure.

It’s that easy.

LastPass used to be free for personal use where you could have access to it from all your devices – very convenient. Unfortunately, they now have a small monthly charge for personal and for family accounts – a few dollars every month is a small price to pay as the alternative is far more expensive. They also have a paid for version for businesses and corporate use – well worth the small expense in our opinion.

If you would like a discussion about password management or any discussion about your business’s digital security, please call.

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