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Changes to Pre-DA Community Consultation Requirements


In February 2020 the ACT Government reported on the outcomes of the implementation review of the Pre-Development Application (DA) Community Consultation Guidelines.

The recommendations from the review have now been implemented, including:

  • Changes to the development types and exemptions for pre-DA consultation in the Planning and Development Regulation 2008
  • Updated Pre-DA Community Consultation Guidelines
  • A new approved form for community consultation to be lodged with a DA
  • Improved compliance during the DA completeness check process.

While the changes are being notified now, the new requirements will apply to DAs lodged on or after 1 January 2021 to allow for the changes to be incorporated into new development proposals.

More information on the changes, including advice on the transition between the existing and new requirements, is available online. The updated Guidelines, Regulation and Approved Form will be available on the Legislation Register from 11 September.