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CEO Update

CEO Update: Our Action Plan for Lobbying the ACT Government


Our Action Plan for Lobbying the ACT Government


This week the ACT Government passed the Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2020. This is despite calls from the MBA and other industry associations expressing concern that now is not the time to be making it harder to employ people.

We have serious concerns about how the bill will affect our already stressed industry. The Bill will burden labour hire companies with a new obligation to obtain a license before employing people in the ACT. This also means that it will be an offence to engage someone through a labour hire company who has not correctly navigated the complex licensing regulation.

We will continue to keep members informed as more details about the Bill are released.

Last week the MBA made a submission to the ACT Government calling for 16 stimulus measures be implemented to support the local building and construction industry.

Suggestions included:

  • Increasing the capital works program.
  • Increasing investment in public and social housing.
  • Introducing a time-limited waiver of LVC charges.

Next week the MBA will also be announcing details about a $40,000 New Home Owner Grant, to encourage investment in new homes.

With ABS data already reporting an 8% drop in employment in the ACT construction industry from 14 March to 2 May 2020, it is important that we continue to advocate for more support from the ACT Government to address this economic downturn.

Yesterday we also welcomed a move by the Government to develop an alternate dispute resolution process between builders and homeowners. As we move into an economic downturn, disputes are likely to increase. Greater certainty of the dispute resolution process can greatly assist our members.

Following Karen Porter stepping down from her role on the MBA Board, Rosa Josifoski will continue to fulfil her role as Alternate Chair and attend the Executive Committee meetings on behalf of the subcontractors until elections are held later in 2020.