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Host an MBA Apprentice

MBA Group Training is a registered Group Training Organisation (GTO) employing apprentices to provide career opportunities for young aspiring tradespersons and to meet the current and future skills demand in the industry.

We’re always looking for employers to host our apprentices onsite and can provide our host employers with some fantastic benefits. As part of your commitment to hosting an apprentice, we will:

  • Pay the apprentice award wages
  • Pay the apprentice annual leave, training, inclement weather, personal leave, down no job hours
  • Take care of superannuation, workers compensation and employment related matters
  • Supply the apprentice with PPE
  • Organise training
  • Provide you with an apprentice to suit the level of skill required on the job
  • Supplement your workforce with an MBA Group Training apprentice
  • Manage the placement process using MBA Group Training Field Officers who will also be your point of contact
  • Provide you with a contract for hosting an apprentice with MBA Group Training
  • Invoice you for only the hours worked on-site

Information and forms for Host Employers

To become an MBA Group Training Host Employer please read and complete the necessary forms and return to MBA Group Training –

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For apprenticeship enquiries