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CEO Update

ACT Government Inquiry: Future of the Working Week


The ACT’s Standing Committee on Economy and Gender and Economic Equality is conducting an inquiry into the future of the working week. Submissions are due 5pm on 28 October 2022.

The Committee will inquire into and report on:

  1. defining and configuring the concept of a four-day work week;
  2. the advantages of a four-day work week;
  3. the disadvantages of a four-day work week;
  4. options, issues and challenges for transition to and implementation of a four-day work week across different sectors and industries;
  5. considerations of implementing the four-day work week in the context of enterprise bargaining and current industrial law considerations;
  6. how the four-day work week compares with flexible work arrangements or other alternative working arrangements;
  7. best practice four-day work week policy approaches and responses being undertaken in other jurisdictions; and
  8. any other related matters.

Any member who would like to contribute your ideas on the MBA’s submission or would like to be involved in reviewing a draft of the MBA’s submission is encouraged to contact Michael Hopkins on

Further information is available at the Legislative Assembly web site